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Christopher Ward

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How do you make an internet only watch brand desirable and stand for something meaningful?


At the beginning of 2020 Beehive was appointed as the creative agency for the British digital only, e-commerce brand Christopher Ward. We developed a positioning built around all the best bits of being both English and Swiss, describing this as: ‘Ingeniously English, unsurprisingly Swiss’.

We were asked to develop a campaign for the spring of that year, focusing on TV at 40 sec and 10 short social media films.

This was all achieved during lockdown, under strict social distancing, with an air date of 1st May. A second campaign was created for the autumn of 2020.  Scripts had to be physically shootable, using experienced British film technicians, daily rushes were shared with the client and editing, and post production was done via video conferencing.


Sales post campaign broke all previous records and new visitors to the website traffic increased massively. 

The social campaigns showcased the brand and product range with a series of unique films.

Print Campaign

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