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How do you make health insurance become a positive catalyst for healthy living, to halt a five year decline in subscription premiums?

The holy grail for any brand is to own an icon.


Martin, our Creative Director, in another life, created Stanley, the worlds laziest dog for Vitality Health and Life Insurance. Why? Vitality rewards you for staying fit.


Good news, but not if you are the worlds laziest dog and your owner is always out on a run. Stanley was an instant hit taking Vitaly to No1 in the market in a couple of years.

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The campaign was expertly brought to life on TV and on social media by our head of production, Greg Jordan.

We created a campaign to address that part of us that knows what to do, but doesn’t do it, The ‘wait till tomorrow mindset”, rooted in the benefits of healthy living. We invented a lethargic, lazy, can’t be bothered, Dachshund, called Stanly, to help us linked to the counterintuitive, but highly distinctive, idea of 'Vitality has ruined my life'.


The campaign got five times more PR than its closest competitor, triggered a substantial upsurge in search activity and sales gained one million new subscribers within two years.


And the UK, sales of Dachshunds also rose by 62%.

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